Nespresso Hub, NSAB

Nespresso Hub, NSAB

Over the course of my 6-year tenure at The Magic Pencil agency, I have worked for the prestigious client Nespresso, specifically for Nespresso’s sustainability team. I have designed several Websites and creative works for them.

This span included conceptualizing layout mockups within Adobe XD for developer collaboration, custom icons, curating photography selections, and closely cooperating with copywriters. My role extended to photo retouching, producing key illustrations, and more.


This comprehensive skill set was consistently put to use in contributing to the Positive Cup Hub platform and NSAB events Websites. The culmination of these efforts can be witnessed at, which is open to public.

  • Nespresso HUB: Building pages on Magento, on a fully customised backend by our partnered dev agency
  • Nespresso NSAB Events: Prototypes on Adobe XD, implementation on WordPress with Elementor.

Website live: