Meet our tight-knit team at Seed: three dedicated professionals united by a passion for creativity and innovation in design. Together, we blend diverse skills to bring unique visual experiences to life.

Sylvain Botter


Creative Director

Jenny Botter


Creative copyrighter, Marketing Director

Niranjan Mishra



There’s really nothing I love more than the art of visual communication. Aesthetics, design, motion graphics and video editing are part of my every day life. From noticing the details of a building’s structure to appreciating fine art, I am passionate about experiencing this medium all day, every day.

After creating a fully functional website at the age of fifteen I studied at the prestigious University of Art and Design of Lausanne and later traveled Latin America while volunteering months of time to national parks in Costa Rica. When I finally came back to my home in Switzerland, I studied at the University of Business Management with a specialization in tourism and acquired a Bachelor of Science in tourism management. This experience has created a versatile foundation for me as a designer. Not only have I fostered my creative side, but I’ve developed a handy set of business tools and knowledge to back up my skills.

I like to think of myself as a highly creative artist with a determined, committed responsible side. It’s important to me to not only deliver a fantastic product, but to be reliable, communicative, and expressive throughout the process. I want my clients to trust me to deliver a great design, but also to carry them through the process with ease. When it comes down to it, I love beauty. Color. Nature. Architecture. And I love incorporating my eye for beauty into designs for those who rely on my talents to fulfill their visions.

I’m known for always having my tripod and camera in my backpack, spending hours snapping photographs of natural and urban places. If you haven’t guessed already, I love to travel. I am passionate about experiencing new things with a curious and open mind, discovering new cultures and places as I go. It’s in these moments, these adventurous or subtle moments of life, that I find the inspiration to keep my creative fire burning.

I’ve been immersed in graphic design and visual communication for over 20 years and keeping my muse bright is never a challenge. I love what I do. And I hope that it shows. I won the Golden Reel Award with the video “The Lausanne Experience” at Tiburon International Film Festival and was screened in July 2016 at Atlanta Shortsfest. I also launched a world buzz in February 2017 with the video “Share your dream”, a hyperlapse video crossing 9 countries of Asia, featured in the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, Lonelyplanet and more than 15 other Websites.

I’m finally the proud recipient of the Swiss Lipton Ice Tea Graphic Design Contest, who then appointed me to design the official ice tea can in 2015. And I am also co-winner of the International Graphic Design Contest 2014 (ICOMOS General Assembly Florence). I have been noted as one of the Top 30 at the Freitag World Contest Design a Truck in 2007 and have won several global awards for my talents. With joy I have helped build brand awareness for The Magic Pencil, a creative agency in Lausanne and for  Les Roches International School of Hotel Management by creating powerful and creative material that pulls consumers in.

My resume continues to grow and stretch as I develop more relationships in the world of art and business. I couldn’t be more pleased with where I have found myself and my biggest desire is to continue to flourish with the industry. Being able to help others by doing something I’m passionate about is nothing short of a dream. And I hope I never wake up.


+ October 2016

1st Prize at Swiss Web Festival with “The Lausanne Experience”, Category Tourism.

+ June 2016

Official Selection at Atlanta Shortsfest with “The Lausanne Experience”.

+ April 2016

Golden Reel Award with “The Lausanne Experience” as “Best Experimental Film”, USA

+ December 2014

Appointed Official Designer of Lipton “Apple Twist” Ice Tea Can 2015

+ June 2014

Winner of Lipton National Graphic Design Contest 2014

+ October 2014

Co-Winner of ICOMOS International Graphic Design Contest 2014

+ February 2014

Top 10 Swatch Valentine’s Day Contest 2014

+ August 2007

Top 30 at Freitag World Contest “Design a truck” 2007